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Cree Nation of Chisasibi Directory

To reach an extension, please dial the number of the CNC Administrative Center (819) 855-2878.

NamesDepartments / PositionsExtensions / NumbersEmails
Bearskin, BarryAirport Manager(819)
Bearskin, ChristineSecretary - Housing
Bearskin, ClarenceHead
Bearskin, DennisAssistant Benefits & Financial
Bearskin, EdwardTourism
Bearskin, GeorginaProgram Administrator Assistant - Brighter
Bearskin, KrisAppraiser / Evaluator, Building Technician
Bearskin, ReggieLocal Fur
Bearskin-House, LindaAccounting
Bearskin-Sam, KatherineAccounting
Bobbish, HelenOffice Assistant - Economic
Bobbish, LeslieDirector of Public Work(819)
Bobbish, NellieProgram Administrator - Brighter
Bobbish, PamelaBenefits & Financial
Bullfrog, JasonAssistant Recreation
Chakapash, CelinaAdministrative Assistant - Youth
Chakapash, KarenAssistant
Chakapash, PaulWaterworks Supervisor(819)
Chewanish, MaryMembership
Chewanish, SydneyDirector of Housing / Replacement Program
Chiskamish, MatthewLand & Environmental Administrator / Interim Public Safety
Cox, BeverlyProject Manager - Cultural & Heritage(819)
Cox, EvelynAssistant
Cox, SamuelField Coordinator -
Cox-Napash, VioletRental Housing
Dick, MarilynOffice Clerk -
Erless, HarveyAssistant Purchasing
Fireman, Jimmy R.Elder's Council
Gilpin, KarenAccounts Payable
House, DonnaAccounts Receivable Clerk /
House, MarleneInventory
House, RhondaAccounts Payable
House-Lameboy, DaisyDeputy
House-Lemay, JaliciaOffice Clerk -
Jolly, AshleyOffice Clerk -
Kanatewat, ClaraAdministrative Assistant -
Kanatewat, EdnaAdministrative Assistant -
Kitty, ChrisitinaCorporate
Kitty, SimeonSwimming Pool Building
Martinhunter, LindaRecreation
Matches, AnnetteAdministrative Assistant - Public Works(819)
Matches, ClaudeField Supervisor - Housing Dept. (819)
Matthew-Fireman, TinaCollection
Moar, JuneAdministrative Assistant (Replacement) - Human
Monaghan, TrevorFitness Center
Napash, ChristopherAssistant Director of General
Napash, MauriceFire
Neacappo, RoyRecreation
Otter, JacobPurchasing / Receiving
Pachano, DanielCapital Project
Pachano, PaulineSecretary -
Pachano, WarrenOffice Clerk -
Pepabano-Bosum, AnnAccounting
Posada, Juan
Rhéaume-Provost, CatherineChisasibi Animal Rescue Coord. / Web Administrator - Maternity
Robichaud, François-ArthurInterim Aquatic Coordinator(819) 855-2775
Rodrique, DanielEconomic Development
Rondeau, AliceWaaskimaashtaau Newsmagazine
Rupert, GretaSecretary - Housing(819)
Rupert, LeslieComputer Network
Sam, ChristinaOffice Assistant - Human
Sam, John R. Town Maintenance Foreman(819)
Sam, QuennieAccountant Receivable Clerk /
Sam, StephanieSecretary -
Sealhunter, ThomasSpecial Projects Coordinator -
Shem, RobertCoordinator of
Spencer, BarbaraDirector of Human
Spencer, RhondaYouth Dev. Coord. / Mitchuap Manager (Interim) / Liaison
Spencer-Bullfrog, LucySecretary - Fire
Stephens, GertiYouth Center Programs Coordinator(819)
Stewart, ClaytonCivil Technician Inspector(819)
Swallow, JaneAccounts Payable
Tangye, PahrenFinance
Tapiatic, StevenYouth Chief(819)
Tapiatic, ValentinaOffice Assistant - Youth
Tooktoo, PatriciaGeneral Office Clerk -
Voyageur, MarcoBenefits & Financial
Washipabano, ThomasDirector of General
VacantPublic Safety Officer421
VacantArchives Technician 415/394

Other CNC Extensions

To reach an extension, please dial the number of the CNC Administrative Center (819) 855-2878.

Conference Room (Council Chambers for conference calls)301
Conference Room (Council of Chambers)324
Conference Room (Finance / Administration392
Conference Room (Fort George room)384
Conference Room (Garage)428
Fitness Center420
Pump House408
Warehouse (Maintenance)404
Water Treatment Plant407
Work Area (Garage)430

Other CNC Numbers

Airport(819) 855-2665
Arena(819) 855-2518
Chisasibi Animal Rescue Shelter(819) 855-6063
Cree Trapper Association(819) 855-2202
Cultural Department (819) 855-3311
Field Office(819) 855-2500 / 2502 / 2508
Fire Hall(819)855-2444
Mitchuap Building(819) 855-2888
Swimming Pool(819) 855-2775
Warehouse(819) 855-3330
Youth Center(819) 855-2211
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