Organisation Chart

CNC Departments

There are 27 Departments at the Cree Nation of Chisasibi as well as 13 members of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi Chief and Council.


Christopher A. Napash, Interim Director


Christian Bearskin Interim Manager

Animal Care & Control

Kathryn Borbridge, Animal Care Supervisor

Benefits and Financial Counselling

Pamela Bobbish, Counsellor

Brighter Futures

Nellie Bobbish, Programs Administrator

Capital Projects

Barry Bearskin, Manager

Swimming Pool

Lucas Spencer Otter Aquatic Coordinator

Cree Trappers Association

Reggie Bearskin Local Administrator Officer

Cultural and Heritage Center

Darlene Bearskin, Project Manager

Economic Development


Elders Council

Jimmy R. Fireman, Coordinator


Thiyagarajah Thayaparan, Coordinator

Fire Department

Maurice Napash, Fire Chief


Shauna Dowling, Director

Human Resources

Barbara Spencer, Director

Land and Environment

Sheree House, Administrator


Daisy House, Chief & Mark Wadden, Deputy Chief


Pamela Bobbish, Administrator

Public Health

George Neacappo, Officer

Public Safety

Matthew Chiskamish, Officer


Jacob Otter, Purchaser


Roy Neacappo, Coordinator

Sanitation/Water Works/Public Works

John Sam, Director

Social & Cultural Development

Nellie A. Bobbish, Director

Youth Center

Gerti Stephens, Programs Coordinator

Youth Council

Corinna Napash, Youth Chief & Mark Chiskamish, Deputy Youth Chief

Youth Development

Rhonda Spencer, Coordinator

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