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Where the "Great River" shelters a growing local and non-local population. Chisasibi is the biggest of all the nine Cree communities of the Eeyou Istchee territory. A real northern metropolis, the rich Cree culture pulses with a living past and a promising future.

Actual Community Portrait

Counting now over 5,000 people, mostly Cree Natives, Chisasibi has been established more than 35 years ago. A major relocation from Fort George island to the current Chisasibi site is an inevitable chapter of the history of our community.

In fact, in 1980, the 2,000 residents of Fort George Island were relocated in Chisasibi for safety reasons. The Hydro-Québec James Bay dam project on River La Grande had affected its water flow. Fearing an accelerated erosion of the island banks motivated the decision of Chief Robert Kanatewat, the nation’s leader at the time.  

Although Chisasibi Cree people still undertake traditional activities like trapping, fishing, hunting, picking, etc., many of our community members work into one of the many organizations located in the village.

The James Bay Regional Hospital is found in Chisasibi and it is operated by the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay. Our people can access a wide variety of essential care and health services, from community clinic, emergency and dental.

Representing more than 20% of its population, the Chisasibi youth attend either the Waapinichikuush elementary school or the James Bay Eeyou high school. Under the care and attention of the Cree School Board

Chisasibi's Population Age Groups

0-14 years old
15-34 yers old
35-49 years old
50-69 years old
70 years old and over
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