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The Cree Nation of Chisasibi Land & Environment Department oversees the management of our territory and resources to maintain an ecological balance as a sustainable development for one and everyone.

Each community member can play an active role in helping preserve the fragility of our environment and its biodiversity. It can be as little as picking up garbages around the community, using a bicycle to go to places around town or modifying your consumption habits by making a greener choice and avoiding single-use plastic items.

The possibilities and the avenues to help our nature are infinite. It is never too late to start looking after our planet since we only borrow it from the generation to come.

Recycling in Chisasibi

What goes in the blue recycling bin?

Chart for accepted materials in recycling bins

Why you should not dispose of your household hazardous waste (HHW) in the garbage?

  • Chisasibi’s municipal landfill is not designed to receive HHW.
  • Mismanagement of HHW may result in spills and leaks, thereby contaminating the environment.
  • HHW is responsible for most of the contamination problems associated with municipal solid waste.

Environment Month - June 2022

A month for the environment

Once again, our Department dedicates the entire month of June to the Environment! Each day is an occasion to look after our community and to take better care of nature and the planet. Let's all join the movement by taking concrete actions to celebrate our annual Environment Month.

Stay tuned for additional information and don’t forget to use #ChisasibiEnvMonth22 when sharing your pictures on our Facebook Page @ChisasibiEnvironment.


For any land & environment related inquiries please contact

Sheree House

Land & Environment Officer

819 855-2878 ext. 421

“When nature calls, call back.” – Sheree House –

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