Chisasibi Animal Care & Control

Affiliated with Chisasibi’s Public Safety Department in the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, we aim to promote healthy and harmonious relations between animals and humans.


Our main goal will be licensing, registration, and vaccination for the 2022 year for the next little while.

Dogs & Cats MUST be registered and vaccinated against rabies EVERY YEAR. Unregistered pets are against the local law for the care and control of animals 2018-003.

To register your pet, please call 819-855-6063 to make an appointment to meet with us. Since we are a small staff and we receive many calls daily, we are not always at the shelter or the office. 

We want to remind every pet owner that your pet is YOUR responsibility at ALL TIME. 

Please call us to find out more information about your particular need.

Many thanks for your kind understanding.

Understanding Rabies

Rabies is a deadly virus passed to mammal, like humans, dogs, foxes and wolves by saliva. It is endemic in Arctic foxes and red foxes. In years when these species are more abundant, rabies cases are more common. Even if no cases are discovered in a year, caution is essential. Rabies is out there.

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