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Chisasibi after school sport pathway program

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The Chisasibi After School Sport Pathway Program (CASSPP) will allow adolescents attending secondary school, to pursue after school activities related to fitness and sport. Funded by the The Canadian Heritage  Department of Canada, The Sport Support Program Funding Stream will help develop proper training techniques for fitness and sport, applying the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) which is the Canadian Sport for Life Pathway.

A 4-week training cycle is designed to help all participants learn about strength training, recovery techniques, nutrition and more. The General Preparation Phase is a standard plan to prepare participants to engage in sports or other activities. Sports such as boxing, football, soccer, basketball and athletics will be available to join and practice. The Chisasibi After School Sport Pathway Program (CASSPP)  is designed to the standards of the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) and in every session a qualified or certified coach will be present to supervise proper development and safety standards. This program will require attendance records from their respective schools, and a consistent weekly training plan and participants are required to be coachable every session. The program will be running until March 31, 2024. Participants can join at the beginning of each new 4-week cycle. 

At the Chisasibi Fitness Center

Starts on September 5, 2023 to March 30, 2024

1st Training Cycle September 5, 2023 to September 30, 2023

2nd Training Cycle October 2, 2023 to October 28, 2023

3rd Training Cycle October 30, 2023 to November 25, 2023

4th Training Cycle November 27, 2023 to December 23, 2023.

5th Training Cycle January 8, 2024 to February 3, 2024.

6th Training Cycle February 5, 2024 to March 2, 2024

7th Training Cycle March 4, 2024 to March 30, 2024

program description

By integrating our After School Program into their schedules, participants can benefit from developing good habits. This will allow participants to focus on academics at school, preparing them for the possibility of post-secondary education in the future. Furthermore, our Sport Program Pathway will introduce new sports, enhance performance in existing sport participation and create a foundation of qualified coaching and development into the future. Safety, accountability and structure are the main points we will provide in programming. 

Our program model is based on the theories surrounding “Periodization” whose goal is to promote a healthy life for all through a system that organizes daily, weekly and annual training plans for all ages and gender (Hoffman; Naclerio, Moody, & Chapman, 2013). This model has been adopted in numerous countries around the world that have developed both elite level Olympic programs and a strategy to promote healthy living in communities through physical activities (Hoffman; Naclerio, Moody, & Chapman, 2013). While we use the periodization method for the physical development, we have been able to utilize this model to develop our elite athletes in the community. We have applied this model to our day-to-day operations and we have positive results with our members. 

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