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To contact the Public Safety Officer (819)855-5797

The Chisasibi Public Safety and Fire Department is an organization of dedicated professionals who are committed to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention, education, emergency medical and fire services. We are available alternatively 24 hrs per day and are dedicated to the safety across the whole community of Chisasibi.

The Public Safety Officer (P.S.O.) is responsible for the safety of the community at all times. It is to provide a level of adequate operational preparedness to deal with any kind of disasters or emergencies such as fire, power outages, severe storms, etc. Public Safety is in control for any community evacuation. It utilizes the local emergency services of the community, depending on the gravity of any situation it faces. The P.S.O oversees the administration and technical work associated in planning, organizing and directing the activities towards emergency preparedness along with the fire and police department. Your family’s safety depends on your own involvement in ensuring the safety of your household and your bush camps. Please be careful with fire, motorized engines, the operations of a four-wheeler and boat. Make sure that everyone always have their approved floating vests while on the water. Also, please make sure that your rifles and shotguns are stowed away properly when not in use, and that you should not be under the influence while handling a weapon. Let’s keep safe!

When an alert is announced by the Public Safety Officer, it is the responsibility of the public to stop, listen and follow the directives given by the officer.

Teaming Up For Safety with Hydro-Québec

Teaming Up for Safety

Chisasibi and Hydro-Québec have worked together to produce two short videos. The first one, “Teaming Up for Safety”, explains all the work done together for set up and update emergency preparedness plans, draft and maintain communication scheme, and take advantage of lessons learned in different situations.  The second video, “Dam Inspection, Daily Monitoring” shows all the work and dedication of our teams involved daily in the surveillance and inspections of the dams and dykes on La Grande Complex. 

Dam Inspection, Daily Monitoring

Chisasibi Evacuation Preparedness Plan

Emergency Preparedness Video

Chisasibi Evacuation Preparedness Plan

Chisasibi Evacuation Preparedness Map

Contact Us

Public Safety

Matthew Chiskamish, Public Safety Officer

Phone : (819) 855-2878, ext: 327

Cell: (819) 855-5797

Emergency Line: (819) 855-2911

Public Safety Team: (819) 855-7891

Chisasibi Fire Department

Maurice Napash, Fire Chief

Phone : (819) 855-2444

Visits: 1365
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