Chisasibi Animal Rescue

In 2013, we saw that our community had an urgent need to remedy to the problem of dog overpopulation. Our people were often afraid of simply going around town for a walk, or children did not want to go outside to play cause of roaming animals. We also wanted to find an alternative to the way we were managing unwanted and errant dogs. 

Then came Jolyanne Brien, a devoted animal technician who wanted to invest herself to the cause of rescuing pets in Chisasibi. She created in partnership with the Public Safety department the Chisasibi Animal Rescue. The implementation of the shelter helped considerably the community to deal with the animal related matters. We finally had someone in place to apply the By-laws and to care for the domestic animals welfare.

Mission & Vision

The Chisasibi Animal Rescue is a sub-divison of the Public Safety department of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi whose mission is to assure the safety of domestic animals by providing vaccination, especially against rabies, as well as controlling the reproduction of its population by organizing yearly spay and neuter clinics. This way, we can work ahead of the potential problems to ensure the safety of the members of our community. Prevention is our primary consideration in everything we do. Having a shelter is also allowing us to take in the animals in needs, so they can have a temporary place to stay and receive the appropriate cares required by their situation.

Using a community base approach, we are promoting a holistic vision for the animal management. We are hoping to live in a community where domestic animals, mostly dogs, and humans are coexisting in a harmonious and safe relation. Educating and promoting this type of healthy relation lies at the foundation of our shelter.





Our services

At the Chisasibi Animal Rescue, we are always seeking to improve our way of working and doing things, so the animals and their owners can benefit from having this service in the community. Here is a list of the services, with a brief description and the price we are asking to provide them. It is important to mention that we are charging for every service that we are accomplishing in order to be as much as possible self-sufficient.


Administrating a vaccine to protect your dog against different viruses (Rabies, Core, Bordetella). ⇢ $20.00 / vaccine


Administrating the appropriate drug and dose to get rid of internal parasites. ⇢ $20.00 / treatment

Nail Trimming

Trimming the claws from the 4 paws with the appropriate tools. ⇢ $10.00
*Free with registration


Washing with dog wash shampoo and drying with towels. ⇢ $30.00


Overnight stays at the animail shelter. ⇢ $20.00 / day

Pet Ownership License

Registrating a pet under the owner's identity along with a tag bearing the identifier. Must be renewed every year. ⇢ $10.00 for spayed/neutered pets ● $25.00 for unspayed/uneutered pets


Capture of a dog who is roaming free in the community. ⇢ $35.00 / day


Taking a pet away from his owner when we consider that his safety is at risk. ⇢ $200.00


Welcoming an animal at the shelter and rehoming him when the owner can no longer take care of him. ⇢ $150.00

Search & Rescue

Looking for a lost pet in the community. ⇢ $20.00 / hour (After 5:00 p.m.)

Chisasibi Animal Rescue Shelter Opening Hours

Regular opening hours

Monday to Friday

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



* We would like to ask everyone to respect our opening and operating hours for any kind or regular services (daycare drop-off or pick-up, general information, grooming, license or any other kind of health services). If you wonder if you should contact us after those operating hours, please refer yourself to the EMERGENCY DECISION MAKER.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Without their precious help, we would not be able to fufill our mission.

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